How Long Does It Take For A Wikipedia Article To Be Approved?

How Long Does It Take For A Wikipedia Article To Be Approved?

It is claimed that content is king. It governs over a vast empire to rule the internet. Every business creates content for its website, blog, and social media platforms.

These are popular online content display platforms. They highlight and promote your content to your target populations. All these channels are used by businesses, yet they overlook the world's largest online content hub. It's called Wikipedia.

Wikipedia offers an authentic and genuine source of delivering valuable content to prospective readers.

It provides high-quality content to the readers and gives them reliable and trustworthy information. Companies now realize the importance of Wikipedia and are willing to create a Wikipedia account to create a page on it.

Creating a Wikipedia page is not a piece of cake for businesses; it is instead an uphill task to perform. Companies need to follow strict Wikipedia guidelines and abide by regulations to create and post an article. It is a time-taking process that requires endurance and patience.

Companies cannot take the hassle of building a page and publishing their content on Wikipedia. It will not make any difference because Wikipedia has a fixed time of article approval, and it cannot post your content before the period.

Following are the factors for a Wikipedia page article writing to be approved:

Trust and Credibility Factor

These are essential components of a Wikipedia article to post and publish your article content. It allows your business to be trustworthy and show its credibility in the market.

The company should be famous among a massive audience and have strong recognition. No business is allowed to create a Wikipedia article page or publish content all by itself. It should be approved by experts in the same industry. Experts have the right to recommend the content to others.

Have a Core Purpose

Businesses should have a clear objective and core purpose of creating a Wikipedia account and making a new Wikipedia article page. Wikipedia content aims to provide a research-based source of information to the readers.

It delivers the best quality content to the target audience. Wikipedia is a purposeful platform that does not allow individuals or organizations to arbitrarily post content without any valid proof or reason.

Abide by Strict and Stringent Wikipedia Article Guidelines

To publish the article, businesses should follow strict regulations. They must obey the rules and abide by the instructions to implement them accordingly. Publishing content on Wikipedia does not come easy.

It allows companies to follow the rules, such as showing notability and authenticity. Notability is the leading criterion for companies and individuals to sign up for an account and build a new page for them.

Citation Wikipedia Article Reference       

Many businesses are not much popular in the market. They intend to create their page on Wikipedia but fail to do so. It is due to the reason for their non-notable identity.

They should cite their brand on reputed websites, press releases, and articles to prove their authentic reputation. It will soon develop their reputation in the market and make them known among the public.

Reliable and Verifiable Wikipedia Article Sources

Sources hold importance in the Wikipedia platform. They show the significance of adding or mentioning reliable and independent sources in your Wikipedia article content.

These verifiable sources help your Wikipedia content to get approved and published quickly. The sources must be varied, such as press, media, advertising, or other reputable industry. The content should be unbiased and show a neutral point of view to the readers.

The Timeline of Wikipedia Article Approval

The length of Wikipedia article approval varies from three to six months. It may take longer due to dozens and thousands of articles getting approved. It shortlists the Wikipedia article content based on quality, originality, and notability and takes time to accept it.

 Wikipedia encourages and appreciates the endeavors of contributors to write and publish their content for review. The review process involves many things such as credibility, popularity, and adherence to Wikipedia policies.

Setting Up a Wikipedia Article Account

Businesses need to sign up for a Wikipedia account to create a Wikipedia article page. It takes them no time filling the empty fields and submitting a join Wikipedia button. Setting up a wiki account that further proceeds to page creation.

Finding and creating a Wikipedia Article Page

Companies must find their Wikipedia page to create them. They have to search their page and see results. Your page has to be unique and should not match any other article. It allows you to create a new Wikipedia article for your business.

A Wikipedia article wizard will enable organizations to make a new page and write content on a user-friendly text editor. They can write and edit their content multiple times until it becomes perfect and immaculate.

Businesses can further enhance their content with colorful typography and images. They beautify the content and organize it in a systematic structure.

Companies can preview their articles and publish them for review. It depends on the policy of Wikipedia to approve your content within a three to six months period.


Hence, in a nutshell, these mentioned above are practical reasons for a Wikipedia article approval.

The approval criterion depends on multiple factors and combines all to provide quality and well-researched authentic information to the readers.

Contributors need to have the patience to publish and approve their content to display to the audience.

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